Saturday, September 29, 2007

Movie Review

Movie Review of “Rain Man”

Personally, I think “Rain Man” is a poignant, profound and powerful masterpiece because it contains outstanding shooting staff, complex and touching plot .
In this movie, director Barry Levinson as well as his actors Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise really endeavoured to show their audiences a masterwork, and they did it. In order to make an impressive performance, Dustin Hoffman even spent several months to connect with autistic patients. On account of their tremendous effort and a touching and profound plot, “Rain Man” won the Academy honours for four awards, including best movie and best actor and so on.

Charlie is a retailer in Los Angeles, living on selling cars. After his father’s death, Charlie returns to his childhood home to collect his father's inherence, only to find out that virtually all of his dad's $3,000,000 estate was left for another person. During his investigation, Charlie discoverd that the person who received the poverty was actually his autistic brother Raymond. To his surprise, he has never heard such a brother before. For the purpose of attaining half of his father’s estate which he thinks he deserves, Charlie determines to take his brother away and finally have custody over him. However, along their journey back to Los Angeles, Charlie is gradually influenced by Raymond and finally starts to accept and love his brother.

Personally, I think the reason why “Rain Man” won the Academy award was not only the excellent performance made by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, but also the profound and intense discussion about the relationship between love and money. Nowadays, along with the rapid development of technology and people’s life standard, people are pursuing money with an unprecedented desire. In order to make more money, people work hard from dawn to dusk. To make things worse, sometimes, people even neglect their most valuable things, for example, their love to the people around. In this movie, ultimately, the transition of Charlie’s attitude towards his brother is a convincing and impressive demonstration of the significance of kinship. Love is actually more significant than anything else in the world. Giving and receiving love are the sources of force that sustains the existence of our human beings. No one can live without love.

Due to the outstanding shooting staff, complex and touching plot and profound meaning of the film, I think people cannot afford to miss this masterwork. It is worthwhile to watch!


Brad Blackstone said...

Thanks, Vincent, for this reveiw. You do a good job of summarizing the plot, and give the reader some insightful analysis.

I appreciate your hard work!

Karen said...

Though I've never watched the movie "Rain Man" before, I like your view on it. ^-^ Indeed, no one can live without love. However, sadly, the pursuing of money makes some people neglect their friends and family.
I think I'll watch this movie some time later.

zhang wei said...

Hi, I actually was not watch this movie through .. I just cannot get into this movie. But after reading this review, I have get all my interest about this movie back..Nice job!

Bonnie said...

To tell you the truth ha......I think the movie is touching la but not that high standard.

I think the brotherliness between Charlie and Raymond comes a bit fast.So when they suddenly began to dance together,i was suprised but i was supposed to be moved,haha.And Cruise performed well but not as well as Hoffman la.

anyway,i believe many people think it is a good movie.Good movie always attracts criticism

Vicky Huang said...

i remembered that i watched this movie when i was young and now i still remember the content of it. it is a very moving movie. just as you wrote:"Love is actually more significant than anything else in the world." i strongly agree!!!

Brandon said...

I have not watched this movie before but after reading your review , i have a much clearer understanding of the movie. The idea of how a low IQ guy manages to change his brother is interesting yet touching. I will try to watch this movie sometime later!

vincent said...

Thank you for all your comments. Now I think I really made a right choice to watch this movie. Love is really a forever topic. It is love that keeps human beings progressing. Love actually! Love forever!