Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Lie I Told

It is my personal experience of telling a lie. It has been years since this incident took place. Nevertheless, it firmly remained in my memory as clearly as if it was just yesterday. Perhaps I will never be capable of eliminating it from my memory because it was extremely impressive and have a profound influence on my life ever since. Moreover, it reveals to me that honesty is much more important than test result.
It was a gloomy summer afternoon. In a Chinese class, our teacher was teaching us Chinese poem. Everything seemed quite usual and nature. Time elapsed unconsciously and everyone thought that this fade and boring lesson would just ended in such bland atmosphere, me included. However, just when there was only ten minutes left, the teacher brought out a pile of test papers. Suddenly, that boring and bland atmosphere disappeared; instead, the whole classroom became silent and even strained. “These are our last examination’s results. I will distribute them to you to keep you informed of your own grades. ” Almost simultaneously, I felt my heart was clutched tightly by uncertainty and strain. “What is the mark of my paper”, I asked myself with a contradictory attention. On the one hand, I was desperate for my paper because I intended to be aware of my result; on the other hand, I felt reluctant to get my paper because I would felt very disappointed if I got an unsatisfied mark. Finally, I got my paper. Staring at it, I was shocked by my poor mark. How could I get such a poor mark? Hoping to find some causes, I skimmed my paper. To my surprise, I found I forgot to answer one of the questions. In order to gain high marks, I threw everything out of my mind. I quickly answered the question and submitted it to my teacher, telling her that she forgot to give me the points for this question. I think at that time I was totally driven mad by marks. In order to get high mark, I totally lost my mind. I even told a lie to my teacher. Luckily, I did not succeed in cheating. I was seen through by my teacher……
However, instead of chastising me, my teacher told me some sincere and profound words which really benefit me a lot. Up till now, I still remember one of my teacher’s sentences: honesty is much more important than test result.
This is my own experience of telling a lie. “Honesty is never less important that test results.” Actually, I was deeply influenced by my teacher’s words. Moreover, I will bear it in mind for ever because it tells me something that will benefit me for the rest of my life.