Saturday, August 25, 2007

My life’s meaning

I do not know what other people’s opinion are; however, to me, life is a process of making contribution to society. This is the true value of my life. Life is only one-off, in all likelihood less than 100 years. Comparing to the centuries-old human history, my life is only a drop in a thousand-kilometer-long river. However, time is not important. If I devote my time to make contributions to society, to people, my life is still worthy and priceless even if it becomes shorter. I was not born to waste life, but to endow my finite life with infinite meaning .I appreciate the chance of possessing life, and treat it as a superb honor. Maybe I may not be able to make some national acknowledged achievements. As long as I make full use of my life to serve people, even only the people around me, I will still fell very satisfied and have sense of achievement. In conclusion, my life’s meaning is to serve people and make contribution to society!