Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Importance of Self-control(Cause and effect essay)

The importance of self-control

There’s no doubt that self-control is an important trait for a fulfilling life, because one of the functions of self- control is to assist people to resist temptation and hold to their belief. It is universally acknowledged that the world outside is a world that is full of temptations and traps. Every day, people are surrounded with the temptation of reputation, the temptation of money or even temptation of sex. It is enormously hard to say “no” to these temptations. In history, many eminent and excellent talents knelt down at the foot of temptation and kowtowed to it humbly. When they stooped to temptation, they ruined their life, which could have been fulfilling originally .The reason for all these tragedies was the loss of self-control. People who have strong self-control are able to determinedly reject crime and degeneration, because they mean crime and degeneration rather than live a fulfilling life. Therefore, self-control can rescue people from falling into the abyss behind temptation and pull them back to fulfilling life. Moreover, self-control can help to keep one’s mind clear and sharp. No matter how troublesome and messy the situation he or she is in, it will contribute a lot to a fulfilling life. In conclusion, self-control is an important trait for a fulfilling life.


Tang Xin said...

Hi, Vincent.
If you gave us some background information before your discussion, I think it would be better.

Exar Kun said...

I agree with tangxin,except from that ,it is a good essay

vincent said...

I agree with your guys. I think a good background can help one to deliver his/her idea more clearly.

lee woo said...

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