Thursday, September 6, 2007

Comparison and contrast essay

It is universally acknowledged that both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are vital to the development of an undergraduate. They both guarantee the success of undergraduates for the duration of receiving their tertiary education. However, as to specific function and impact, intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence share evident distinctions clearly. Intellectual intelligence, which represents the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things, mostly contributes to the academic achievement of an undergraduate. Students who are endowed with high intellectual intelligence are capable of handling their study easily and appropriately.
Moreover, intellectual intelligence enables them to absorb and digest new knowledge more efficiently. In contrast, emotional intelligence assists undergraduates in absolutely different ways. Instead of lending a hand to them in academic realm, emotional intelligence benefits them in their daily life. Living in university, undergraduates need to deal with numerous things other than study, which needs emotional intelligence to play an important part. Emotional intelligence helps undergraduate to develop interpersonal skills in order to have harmonious relationship with people around. This will provide undergraduates with a stable and happy living environment which prevents them from being disturbed and distracted by other issues that may badly impact their study badly. Therefore, nobody is able to accomplish any achievement with without either of them. They supplement each other and mutually lead undergraduate towards success


Brad Blackstone said...

This is a well crafted paragraph, Vincent. Thank you!

Zephyr said...

A well organized paragraph.
one trivial point:
share evident distinctions clearly.
--evident and clearly are repetitive

Vicky Huang said...

it is a very well organized paragragh. you can show the campare and contrast very clearly.
go on!!!

vincent said...

Maybe you are correct zephyr.I think I should try to make the distinctions more distinct! Thank you for your advise!